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Sheet Music + mp3

Here you find all the sheet music rela­ted with “Everyone — Human Rights for Choir and Sym­pho­ny Orches­tra”. All the sheet music is for free. You may print and copy it. The sheet music is free, may be prin­ted and copied.

If you still want to pay some­thing, we look for­ward to your sup­port. Dona­ti­on opti­ons can be found under Con­ta­ct. In Ger­ma­ny the dona­ti­ons are tax deductible.

Full Score

You find the instru­men­ta­ti­on on page 2 of the score and here.

Down­load link:


Would you like a brief impres­si­on of how the music sounds? You hear MIDI sounds from my music nota­ti­on pro­gram Dorico.

Piano Reduction

The pia­no reduc­tion is added pie­ce by piece.

Down­load link:

Orchestra Parts

The orches­tra parts are added pie­ce by piece.

Down­load link:


2 Flu­tes (2 doub­ling Picc.)
2 Oboes (2 doub­ling Eng­lish Horn)
2 Cla­ri­nets in Bb (2 doub­ling Bass Cla­ri­net in Bb)
Alto Saxo­pho­ne in Eb (doub­ling Flu­te)
Tenor Saxo­pho­ne in Bb (doub­ling Cla­ri­net in Bb)
2 Bas­so­ons (2 doub­ling Contrabassoon)

4 Horns
3 Trumpets in Bb (2 & 3 doub­ling Flug­el­horn)
2 Trom­bo­nes
1 Tuba

2 Per­cus­sion players

Gui­tar (ampli­fied)
Pia­no (2 play­ers)


Treb­le Solo
Mez­zo­so­pra­no Solo
Bari­to­ne Solo

Lar­ge Choir SATB