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Who is behind this?

Com­po­ser, source of ide­as and head of the pro­ject is Axel Chris­ti­an Schul­lz. Inte­gra­ting human rights into ever­y­day life and crea­ting oppor­tu­nities to address human rights is a mat­ter clo­se to the heart of the Ger­man composer.

Schul­lz stu­di­ed clas­si­cal com­po­si­ti­on, worked as a (gos­pel) choir direc­tor, wro­te several books and works as a music tea­cher at a school in Duis­burg, Ger­ma­ny. For the Sing Human Rights he foun­ded the non-pro­fit orga­niz­a­ti­on Sin­ging Rights gUG, which is the orga­niz­a­ti­on behind the pro­ject 75 years — 75 choirs.